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The Story of Mama Bing

One day, the Kohner family had a visitor. This young woman came from New York.

Her name was Ta'Isha Gist.


Taisha attended one of the In-person Coaching and Leadership classes of Carlyne's husband (Eric) on the East Coast. In that event, Bea, their young teen, was also there with her Daddy.


Taisha observed and was fascinated by how father and daughter chatted like friends during breaks. She did not have that experience in her life. Also, Eric saw her potential, so she asked her to be her Mentor in pursuing a Life Coaching Profession. Eric and Bea invited her to their place in Pasadena, California.


Finally, Taisha came to Los Angeles and stayed at Kohner's residence. Taisha learned that Carlyne's nickname was Bing.


Bing was grateful for every person that came into their life, especially to their house. She loves people, and she naturally welcomes them like their family members. Bing is also a Life Coach, and she showed her garden and explained the uses of each plant, from skincare to organic cooking. She showed Taisha her mini-compost, eggshell as fertilizer, gray water for watering her garden, and others.


Taisha wants to call Carlyne "Mama Bing" the following day because nobody treats her with such hospitality and care. She was also very impressed with the organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables around their house. She was excited to return home and apply what she learned from Mama Bing's garden.


Carlyne learned organic living when she was a child in the Philippines. She has been growing vegetables for many years in Pasadena. She gifts their harvests to neighbors and friends.

She loves their community and serves as the Block Captain and Board Member of the Upper Hastings Ranch Association.


Carlyne was grateful to Taisha because no one had called her Mama Bing. She felt honored! 

To know what is the herb inside the container, she labeled the herb "Mama Bing" so Taisha would know each tin. 


That's how Mama Bing Organic Herbs started!

Meet our Team

Carlyn "Bing" Kohner
Raunel Mendoza
Ta'Isha Gist
Ge Roeben Odicta
Jarra Danielle Grace Pinuela
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